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The Mission of the El Paso Baptist Clinic

El Paso Baptist Clinic pic

El Paso Baptist Clinic

Dr. Michael Parsa divides his time between responsibilities as assistant professor with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso and his role as an expert panel member with the Texas Medical Board. Also an active member of his community, Dr. Michael Parsa serves as a monthly medical volunteer with the El Paso Baptist Clinic.

More than four decades ago, the El Paso Baptist Clinic arose from a weekly children’s ministry that served a community of 60 individuals. After founding director Eleanor Poe discovered that one of the children could not access the medication needed to treat an ear infection, she opened the clinic with only three staff members. Since helping its first patient, the clinic has gone on to serve over 22,000 individuals in need.

The clinic has been able to achieve this level of service thanks to its ongoing mission of facilitating good health for all those living in El Paso. The primary focus of the organization is to provide medical treatment to community members who do not possess insurance or otherwise cannot pay for care. Echoing the values of compassion and honesty, the El Paso Baptist Clinic takes a holistic approach to care by emphasizing health of both the body and the spirit.