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Rumginae Hospital in Kiunga, Papua New Guinea

Michael Parsa El Paso

Michael Parsa El Paso


Prior to assuming his post as a full-time clinical faculty member at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, Dr. Michael Parsa of El Paso, Texas, spent more than three years on a medical mission in Papua New Guinea, where he drew on his skills to care for patients at Rumginae Hospital. More recently, in 2016, Dr. Michael Parsa left El Paso for two months to return to Rumginae Hospital as a volunteer.

Located in Kiunga, Rumginae Hospital is a 60-bed facility that oversees five regional health centers, 10 local aid posts, and a training school for community health workers (CHW). Each January, the training school accepts 45 students.

Ruminage Hospital also invites medical students who are in their final year of study and are interested in medical missionary work to spend a minimum of six weeks training and assisting at the hospital. Through the support of these medical missionaries, the hospital can continue to provide its vital services. Along with in-person support, the hospital accepts financial contributions and donations of medicine and equipment.